Faith and Family

I couldn’t create a picture more fitting for my family. Unknowing that the picture was even being snapped, somehow we all managed to look somewhere else. We’re silly like that and apparently that’s how we roll. This is my wonderful family. God knew exactly who I needed to marry and I am so thankful to have Max as my husband. Our girls, Addie and Britton are such incredible little joys. I love being their mom and watching them grow up. Although they are growing way too fast! Addie will start “real” school this fall and I am in no way prepared for that. Do they have classes for moms with children going off to kindergarten? Sign me up! And Britton has just begun to crawl. We are now mobile and life should get a little more interesting to say the least. I enjoy every minute of it.

I grew up in a Christian household. My parents were very involved with the church. My dad, a Christian singer that had his own cassette tape (yep, remember those?) and my mom, who played the keyboard and piano. My sister and I got along (sometimes), but mostly were in different worlds as she was 4 years older. When I was in 6, at an Awana meeting, I gave my life the the Lord. It was at that moment that I started a lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ. There were a couple times when my faith wasn’t so strong. I struggled with wondering if God was even around during a few hard times in high school. My parents divorced and it really seemed as though my life was crumbling around me. Watching the family that I always knew fall apart was the hardest thing that I’ve ever gone through. All the while, God was still at work in me. As my parent’s relationship was ending, another relationship was beginning. My sister and I became closer than we had ever been. We were the only two who really shared the same feelings about the situation. Good things can definitely come from tough situations and I firmly believe that.

Even when it seems that the Lord is absent, don’t lose heart. He is working in you and building your strength. You have no idea what big plans that He has in store for your life.

God Bless!

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