In Search of a Church

Saint Nicholas church at Georgioupoli, Crete, Greece
 photo credit: michalispolakis

When I was a kid I was raised going to church each Sunday. My dad was a Christian singer and my mom played the keyboard. Having our entire Sunday busy with church actives was familiar and a part of our family life. Discussing dreams and hopes for our children, the main objective is for them to know God on a personal level.

When our first baby girl Addie was small, some close friends of ours asked us to come with them to church. They knew we had not been a member anywhere and really need a church family. From the first time that we went we knew it was the place for us. Though based in a school building and brought alive each Sunday by people lugging things from a trailer, it did not matter. We were called there. For 4 years we experienced joy, made friends, saw God’s works firsthand. I was even baptized a second time in front of our church family.

This past year a few things changed in the church. Nothing and no one that we had any problems with. The changes just made us reevaluate where God wanted us to be. After all we were driving almost 20 miles each way every Sunday and every other Wednesday for small groups. All of our friends were there so get togethers and gatherings are always that way. It never bothered us before and still doesn’t (much). But our 11 month old (if she could talk) might tell you otherwise. She has issues riding in the car at night. We are working on this and I’m sure it’s just a phase.

So we have been on a search for a church closer to home to which we can call our church home. It has been so much more difficult than I ever could have imagined. Considering that we had only ever been to the one church as a couple and as a family, we have never experienced the church search before. And I never realized how picky that we are about what we want in a church. This post is merely a confession. I feel like talking about it for once and we would really love your prayers.

Prayers for my mind to be opened to churches that might be out of my comfort zone. Prayers for God to show us where we are meant to be.

Have you ever had trouble finding a church? What lead to your final decision? I’d love to hear your stories!

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