Target: Capri Sun Super V for $.33 Per Pack

Capri Sun Coupon Target: Capri Sun Super V for $.33 Per Pack

First of all, did you realize that you can print coupons from Pennywise Cook? Take a gander at the navigation bar at the top and hover over the coupons tab and there are TONS of them to choose from! I’m going to work on doing a better job of showing you some of the most fab ones that pop up.

I will begin with this $1 off any ONE Capri Sun 100% Juice or Super V coupon. At Target, you can grab these for only $.33 after the following little coupon maneuver. You will need to be able to print your coupons from 2 computers since there is a limit of 2 coupons per computer.

Buy (3) Capri Sun Super V Packs $3 each (on sale)= $9 Use (3) $1/1 printables= $6 Receive FREE $5 Target Gift Card Final Price= $1 or $.33 each!

Yes, my inner Saving with Amy has been raring her head lately since we are trying to save money. You may see a few more deals like these! I hope that you enjoy them.

Thanks to The Coupon Centsation for the deal!

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3 Tips For Shopping at a Salvage Grocery Store

Salvage Store Finds2 3 Tips For Shopping at a Salvage Grocery Store

Have you ever seen those hole in the wall Salvage Grocery Stores in your area? I grew up going to one in my hometown with my mom and grandmother. I remember being a really good girl so that I could pick out an entire bag of candy. They had an entire shelf dedicated to candy and other sweets. Little did I know that one day I might like salvage grocery stores for something other than those treats.

Since moving away from home years ago, it has taken me a while to find one of these stores in our area. They aren’t like Walmart with one on every corner. Not only that, but it’s sometimes hard to decipher what kind of salvage a store might sell. From auto parts to furniture, there are several different types of salvage stores out there. Similar to thrift stores, salvage grocery stores offer deep discounts on groceries for various reasons. It might be that the cans are dented. It could be that the cereal boxes are smashed. Or perhaps the products are just overstocks, out of date, or just wouldn’t sell. Whatever the case, you’re sure to find at least 50% savings. They are a great way to save money on common grocery items, especially canned goods. Even though the packaging may look less than perfect, the food inside could still be just fine and best of all, inexpensive.

Tips for shopping at salvage grocery stores:

  • Consider expiration date. This is one of the biggest factors when purchasing at a salvage grocery. Expiration dates vary depending on the food. Canned foods generally last a lot longer than boxes foods such as cereal. Nutritional values may also deteriorate the closer to expiration a product gets.
  • Consider the condition of packaging. If you find a box of crackers that has been smashed to smithereens, they may not be very fresh even if in date. This is also the case if you find a package with a hole in it. Another thing to consider are canned goods. Most are ok with a dent, but be sure to look at the top ring. If the ring is dented, it will be difficult to open to get the contents out.
  • Use your common sense. Products like pasta and canned goods are generally still good even after their sell-by date. Anything containing liquids might be worth inspecting first. If it doesn’t look appealing, don’t buy it.

I found a local salvage grocery store about 30 minutes away and fell in love. Going in their this past week, they had several boxes of organic baby puffs for $.50 each. Score! Britton has been enjoying those. Digging through the spices, I foundĀ  a bottle of organic coriander for $1.50. Some other nice cooking finds were Whole Wheat Flour and Chipotle Peppers in Adobo Sauce. Everything that I bought was in date.

Here’s what I bought and paid:

  • Organic Coriander $1.50
  • King Arthur Whole Wheat Flour $1
  • Goya Chipotle Peppers in Adobo $.50
  • Pompeian White Cooking Wine $1 (!!)
  • Whole Wheat Gnocchi $1
  • Sun Dried Tomato Pasta in Tube $.50

I spent a total of $6.50 for gourmet ingredients that would have for sure cost double if not triple at any other grocery store. Very exciting indeed! You can find a salvage grocery store in your area here. This list may not be completely up to date, but it’s all I could find.

Have you ever shopped at one of these stores? Found any great finds?

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