Extreme Cheapskates: Cheap or Crazy?

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Have you seen this new show Extreme Cheapskates? It’s on TLC, the same channel that also brought us Extreme Couponing. The premise of this show is people who live in extreme measures to save money. In all aspects of the word, they are cheap. My friend Tshanina at Thrifty T’s Treasures brought this up on her blog the other day and it got me thinking.

And just to get it out there, I myself am cheap. Sometimes I may be too cheap, according to my husband. 😉 I even have a $1 philosophy that I used to live by when I was hardcore couponing. I still have lingering symptoms of this. It’s basically where I have trouble paying over $1 for anything. I’d prefer that everything be less than $1. And with coupons, it’s actually quite possible most of the time. But now since I’m *cough* not couponing as much these days, it’s not realistic to live by that philosophy anymore.

I am coming to terms with this. 🙂

When I first heard of this show, I thought oh these people are going to be the ones who take Sweet ‘N Low packets at restaurants. Well, yes they do that. However, what I also witnessed that they do was beyond something I’d ever imagine.

Most of these people actually HAVE money. There was one guy on there bragging about how he had over $100 thousand dollars in his bank account and yet, he did not even own a couch in his living room. They sat at a card table (the only piece of furniture in the room).

Another lady was a millionaire and yet peed in a bottle to save money on water. This same millionaire also dumpster dived for her food.

Anywho, I guess what I’m getting at is that I think this show justifies that I am not in fact, crazy cheap. THEY are cheap. And extremely at that.

What do you think? Have you seen the show? What do you think about their methods of saving money?

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  1. Oh my, I didn’t watch the one with the millionaire peeing in a bottle or dumpster diving (the one I watched was enough). Can you imagine having that much money and still taking such extreme measures? Sure, you have to be thrifty to get a million dollars but I think she’s gone a bit too far!

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