Free LEGO Minifig Holiday Card

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Each year there are tons of cute little ways to personal holiday cards over the web. I'm sure you've seen the Elf Yourself thing that goes around each year. I still have our previous years saved and I watch them every now and then. I get a big giggle out of seeing a video of my 2 year old dressed in an elf suit and break dancing like a hip hop star.

Here's a new idea that was very timely this year. Addie has discovered that she loves LEGOs as of recently. We have even been going to LEGO club at our local library. I always expected LEGOs to be a boy thing, but Addie has proved that to be untrue. She absolutely loves creating little scenes with LEGOs. 

I came across this holiday card offer where you can make your very own family into a LEGO family and then send it around all of your social media pages to share with family and friends. I had a blast creating ours. You can choose everything from skin color to facial expressions and even the outfit. I played around with the facial expressions a bit until I found the ones just right for each of us. 

What do you think of my card? Pretty cute huh? The best part is that it's FREE!

You can head over and make your own LEGO Minifigure Family and share it with your friends and family this Christmas!


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