Hair Cuts, Ear Infections, and Squash

Yes, I’m still around. Is my sanity? No, but I’m making it.

My husband left for a business trip just as a double ear infection set in on my little one. Not sure why this particular one has decided to be the worst, but I think we might be over the worst of it. My children always tend to run really high fevers no matter what they have so I immediately jump to high alert trying to figure out what it is. It usually ends in a doctor visit and the impending It’s a virus and it’ll have to run it’s course from the doc. Or it ends in antibiotics and horrible diaper rash from the other impending situation….diarrhea. Oh the joys of motherhood, right?

On a less runny note….




Forgive my excitement, but one of my tomato plants died and I should’ve had a funeral for it. Instead, the result was a tiny tomato that was so small that my mom thought I was growing grape tomatoes. When “harvesting” my one little tomato, I asked my oldest to carefully take it inside. She proceeded to throw it in the air and exclaim that “she can play ball with it!” My heart sunk and then I calmly removed my poor little tomato from her fingers and took it inside. You’ll be glad to know that it survived the game of catch and that it’s sitting on my kitchen counter.

I can’t even eat it. It’s too special.

Sooooooooo, long story short. I have actual squash growing now! I have a few of them, actually. Isn’t it cute? I’m so proud. You may remember that I hated on bees because of their lack of help in my squash growing processes. I think they must have read that post and sent out their queen bee to do some quality control on my garden. I can’t wait to make up some of that yummy oven “fried” squash from my own garden!

Hair cut…yes I got one. It’s very, very, very, very, very (plus about a million more verys) short. Probably the shortest that I’ve ever gotten it cut. Probably not even as short as you would think, but short to me anyways. I also got highlights because it came with my Plum District package. It was a fantastic deal. $52 for shampoo, conditioning treatment, cut, and partial highlight. I had Plum Dollars so I actually didn’t have to pay anything at all. Which made it ok that I’ve already dyed it back to brown.

Yes, I couldn’t stand the highlights. I’m ridiculous and wishy washy I know. But it was free and the highlights washed me out.

So there’s an update on my life. I hope that all of that didn’t bore you…

I’m very random aren’t I? How is your week going? SHARE with ME! 🙂

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  1. I wish I could share some of my tomatoes with you! There are tons on the plants! My almost-three-year-old loves picking them with me, and only drops one or two on the way back to the house. Squash went so ballistic in my garden one year that I vowed never to grow them again. I just did not know what to do with so many. It was the year of the summer squash and zucchini takeover, I tell you!

    What? No picture of the hair cut? I had to laugh, because I hated highlights in my hair when they were done. It didn’t take me long to color it, and my highlights weren’t even free! I don’t do well with short hair, so I’d love to see a picture of your new cut!

    I hope your little one is feeling much better. Ear infections are just horrible, and I always hate to hear the dreaded “It’s a virus it will run its course” from the doctor. Take care, and BREATHE when you get a chance! 🙂

    • That’s awesome that you have an abundance! My in-laws garden is the same way. They will get some one day and then come back the next to tons more! That’s an awesome problem to have. 🙂

      I was going to put a picture up, but I’m thinking of doing a vlog tomorrow so you may get to see it soon. Plus, I look a hot mess today and when I went to take the picture I was horrified so I decided against it. lol My husband will be back soon and so will the sanity. I might even put on some makeup LOL. 😉

      She is doing better today, thank you Ronda! Thankfully we all got a good night’s sleep last night which was a nice change from up every couple of hours. The night before I was even googling at like 3am.

      Whew, luckily my oldest is in camp this week so she’s not bored to tears. I actually get a minute of silence when the little is napping.

      Hope you’re having a great day!

  2. I love your random posts! I bought some plants from a friend that runs a nursery from her home. She gave me a great deal and I have killed almost everything 🙁 I feel so bad because they are like her babies. I haven’t told her yet. My 2 of the tomato plants have lived, fingers crossed the survive. My free arbor day trees are growing like crazy… maybe I am a tree grower and not a veggie grower! I know how you feel about your precious tomato. That is how our strawberries are. Katelyn wants to pick them as soon as it buds 🙂

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