This Makeover Has Hit the Fan {Before & After}

Let’s talk dust bunnies for a moment, shall we? Most people have them. You could clean out from under your bed, dust your blinds, and wipe down your ceiling fan blades daily and they would always come back. However, I must say that for some reason my house is haunted with dust monsters.

Or perhaps abominable dust bunnies would be a better description. I found this out when we decided to do a little makeover on our ceiling fans. We only have 2 of them in the entire house so I knew it wouldn’t be too difficult to update them a bit. I think the thing I looked forward to the most was finally getting rid of the dust. We’ve been in our house for almost 5 years and have never dusted our fan blades once. While I am ashamed of that statement, I can at least say that we have finally done it!

I knew I didn’t want to spend very much to update these fans. They aren’t in bad shape and don’t really look half bad, but I didn’t like their colors. We have a darker furniture thing going so that was our main objective. That and updating the globes. We updated both the bedroom and living room fans. Both looked exactly the same so consider this both before pictures.

Surprisingly enough, these were the only materials that we needed to give them an update. I had originally planned to cover the blades in fabric to cover up the light colored wood blades, but when we got the blades down we found out they were reversable! And the other side was a darker color so there was no need to change them. Unfortunately they were a little red, but I’m going to try to deal with it for now.  Also, the fan pulls that we got to replace the old ones aren’t shown here, but we did get new ones.

Materials breakdown:

Krylon Oil Rubbed Bronze Spray Paint $4
Glass Globe Shades $5 x 3= $15
Fan Pulls $3 x 2= $6
Total Fan Makeover Cost: $25 

Not bad considering you’d pay at least double that for a new fan that looks like what we were going for.

Ceiling Fan Disassembly

Here’s Mr. Pennywise taking down the old fan. It was fairly easy to get down. We just had to make sure to remember what wires went where. Funny story, keep reading.

For most of the parts it was ok to just spray without a care in the world, but some places I covered so that the paint wouldn’t get inside the wiring or sockets.

And the transformation was taking shape. I LOVE the oil rubbed bronze paint. It’s almost black but has a really great bronze tone to it that kinda shimmers in the sun. Just fabulous.

It was a super windy day and the lady bug shoe was very helpful to hold down the newspaper. 😉

And here is Mr. Pennywise reassembiling the fan. You can already tell it’s going to look a lot better! Just changing the color made a big difference.

And here is the finished product….

MUCH better huh? The glass globes together with the new color and fan blade color really does a lot. Looks like a whole new fan!

We did the exact same makeover on the Living Room fan only with different glass globes. When I saw these in the store I didn’t like them. I thought they looked wet and weird. However, they were out of the ones that I used in the bedroom so I had to get these or ones that were amber colored. I chose these and I’m glad I did! I really actually like this clear look with the bubbles. It reminds me of an Allen Roth ceiling fan that’s high end and would cost about $100 more!

If you are considering a ceiling fan makeoever be sure to check the other side of your fan blades. Who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky like me and save some cost in your makeover too!

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  1. Tio for cleaning the blades… Use a pillow case and put it over the blade. All the dust goes inside instead of on the floor or in my case on my bed. Turn inside out and wash 🙂

  2. Great idea! And they look awesome! We just discovered that the living room fan in our new house hanging from the 20 foot living room ceiling doesn’t work. Gotta have a fan in Texas, but I have no idea how we are going to get up there to replace it! I think you had a lot more fun changing out your fans!

    • Oh no Katie! Is it old? Our ceilings in the living room are about 18 feet maybe 20. We used a 17 ft ladder to reach it. Very scary experience. Although, hubby did the climbing and I just held the ladder steady. 🙂

  3. How did you paint the blades? Did you paint the blades with the Oil Rubbed Spray paint as well? Looks great!

    • Thanks so much Jessica!! I actually didn’t have to paint them. After further inspection, the blades were reversible with a darker color on the other side. Was a nice surprise!


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