Easter Treats Week: Tootsie Roll Easter Nests

I can’t believe that next Sunday is already Easter. And how about this weather folks? Did we totally skip winter this year? Last year it was so late, so this year it feels quite early. I guess that’s alright, because we get to do Easter crafts! I love the colors of Easter. Spring-y and fun, they just lift spirits and make you smile. So I thought I would do a mini-series this week on cute little treats that you can make at home for Easter! While I do believe in the real meaning of Easter, I do love to indulge in some fun with eggs and bunnies for the kiddos.

These little treats were so easy and turned out so cute. I picked up most of the ingredients for about $3 at Dollar Tree.

I started out by placing the Tootsie Rolls between two sheets of wax paper. I microwaved them until just soft. You don’t want them to melt otherwise they will be too sticky and you won’t be able to get them off the wax paper.

Once they are softened, squish them until fairly thin. Line a mini muffin pan with them and let them ruffle around the edges. I then placed them in the refrigerator for a bit to harden a little.

I added a couple of drops of green food coloring to some shredded coconut (bought at Dollar Tree) and plopped a couple of malted milk eggs to the top and tah dah!

After very little effort, you have these little Easter nests that are as tasty as they are cute. I think they would make a nice addition to our Easter egg hunt this year!

Do let me know if you make these!

What are your Easter plans this year?

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