Glitter Grapes {Healthy Snack}

I have an addiction. Yes, let me just bust that confession out to you now. While if you’ve read this blog or Saving with Amy for any length of time, you know that I love sweets. Unfortunately, most of my cravings for them hit at night. No it’s not a good thing and yes I work my tail off at the gym! But this simply means that I try and make every attempt possible to make my sweets healthy.

Ahem, healthy-ER anyways.

Although sometimes you just need a dadgum hot fudge sundae….

TODAY is not that day. No, we are going to talk GRAPES today! And not just any grapes…….glitter grapes!

I already love them in their everyday form. Plump, sweet, and tasty without a thing done to them. However, after coming across this amazing idea at Pure Sugar, I love grapes about 100 times more. They only way to make grapes even better is to give them a bath and then roooooooooll their little grape bodies in a pile of sour jell-o mix!

Jell-o. Yep. So simple, yet so incredibly delightful. They have now been dubbed “Glitter Grapes” for their shinyness in the light. Also known as “sour patch grapes” because of the tang the jell-o mix gives them. Trust me, the kids will love them and unfortunately they might become your very next sweet addiction like mine. It really is just like eating candy.

But it’s A-OK because they are grapes and you cannot possibly feel bad about eating those can you? Naaaaaaah….

Glitter Grapes {Healthy Snack}

Glitter Grapes {Healthy Snack}

Enjoy a healthy snack of sour grapes that taste like candy!


  • 1 Pound Green Grapes
  • {Water}
  • Jell-O Mix


  1. Rinse grapes in colander leaving some water on grapes.
  2. Place jell-o mix on a plate and roll grapes in batches through the mix.
  3. Refrigerate grapes for at least an hour for the jell-o to set.
  4. Serve and try not to eat the whole batch!


I used watermelon jell-o because the melon fusion that original recipe wasn't available at my store. However, I think the flavors that can be used is completely up to you! Whatever you fancy!

These would also be amazing FROZEN!


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  1. Their little grape bodies, huh? LOL!


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