Peeps in Sprinkle Tutus

I must say that Easter is usually my weakness when it comes to candy. Yes I do love Halloween candy, but jelly beans aren’t around when it spooky time. I love jelly beans, it doesn’t really matter what kind they are. I especially love the Starburst and Lifesaver jelly beans. I take that back. I do not like the ones that taste like licorice. I usually leave those at the bottom of the bag.

The other day Addie and I were at one of our favorite places, Dollar Tree. We picked up another one of my favorite Easter candy, Peeps! Where are my Peeps fans? Those cute little fluffy marshmallow bunnies and chicks contribute to my sugar highs every Easter. I can’t ever pass them up in the store. It almost doesn’t feel like Easter until I’ve consumed twenty one. A lot of people hate them because they are basically complete sugar, but I have a major sweet tooth.

I picked up some of the cutest spring time sprinkles at Aldi the other day for only $2.99. They came with 6 different colors of sprinkles and sugar so we decided to embellish our Peeps Bunnies a little. Yep, that one in focus is totally looking at you. I didn’t even plan that. It’s saying, “I know I look so adorable and delicious, but don’t eat me!

We dipped their little bottoms in a bit of melted white candy bark and then dipped them in sprinkles! Addie exclaimed, “Momma, they are wearing tutus!”. Alas the name- Peeps in Sprinkle Tutus.

We added a pretzel stick for them to stand up on. I put these in a little treat box filled with mini marshmallows that says Happy Easter. It made a nice way to display them. They ended up being the most adorable and colorful Easter treats. And they surely satisfied my insanely ridiculous sweet tooth.

I really love how colorful these are. Sprinkles always add a nice and cheery touch to any food, especially Easter treats!

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