DIY Fall Treats: Tasty Acorns

Tasty Acorns 1

 I just about had a fit when I started to put this post together because my SD card decided that it wanted to be corrupted and not let me have access to my pictures. But you know what? I showed it who is boss and it eventually gave me my pictures. So you can see the beauty of these adorable little fall treats!

Today is the very last day of summer did you know that? Can you believe that? I sure can! And I’m completely ready for fires and everything cozy. I love fall wardrobes. Everything gets covered up, tucked in, and just more comfortable. Less intense and less need to be in shape.

So you can eat chocolate, right?! Aren’t these acorns just the cutest little fall treats? They are so easy to make and adorable to just set around for a treat. Not to mention that they taste amazing. Anything with a Hershey Kiss on it is going to make your mouth happy.

Tasty Acorns 3

 I made a bunch of these one night and it took me no time at all. Such a fun craft for the kids to enjoy with you. And because it’s so easy you can just let them take over! Just don’t let them eat too many before bed or they may never sleep. Again…

Tasty Acorns 2

 I didn’t put together step by step pictures for you because this one is easy enough. If you have questions please don’t hesitate to ask!

Tasty Acorns
With a few simple ingredients you can make tasty and edible acorns for the fall!
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  1. Hershey Kisses
  2. Mini Vanilla Wafers
  3. Butterscotch Morsels
  4. Chocolate Frosting
  1. Begin by placing a teensy bit of frosting in the middle on the bottom of the vanilla wafer. Press the flat side of the Hershey Kiss into the frosting and twist a little to attach it.
  2. On the top of the vanilla wafer, at a very teensy bit of frosting in the middle and press the flat side of a butterscotch morsel to the frosting, twisting a bit to attach.
  3. Set aside and allow the frosting to "crust" a bit which will help them to stay attached.
  1. I would serve these the same day or at least by the next day you plan to make them. The frosting can make the vanilla wafer begin to get a little soggy. I like when this happens but if you want them to be crisper you will want to serve them soon.
  2. Keep them in an air-tight container until ready to eat.
Pennywise Cook

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DIY Personalized Gift Mugs

DIY Gift Mugs

Have you finished all your Christmas shopping yet? No? Shame on you! HA!

Totally just kidding you. I haven’t gotten anywhere close. This year has been a whirlwind and I’ve felt about a month behind each holiday as they come. So if you’re like me, then you’ll really enjoy this last-minute gift idea that takes no time at all and comes straight from your heart.

I can’t take the credit for this one, I came across it the other day at Happy Go Lucky and thought I have got to do this! I had seen the idea of it on Pinterest before, but wasn’t sure that it worked. So I was glad to have found proof that it does.

DIY Mugs Before


To try this out for myself, I didn’t want to spend a bundle on mugs. Even Dollar Tree is a bit expensive per mug for me. So I ran into Goodwill where there were a ton of white mugs. Whodathunkit? It was meant to be! $.49 per mug and you just can’t beat that, even with a stick.

It’s as simple as using a permanent marker to write, draw, or color on your mugs and then pop them into a preheated oven for 30 minutes. That’s 350° in the oven to be exact. When they come out, the marker has been baked, sealing it to the mug!

UPDATE PLEASE READ: I mentioned this in the comments, but DO NOT PUT THESE IN THE DISHWASHER. Using regular sharpies, it will come off. Hand washing is fine. When I gave these out, I wrote a little poem to go with that said please hand wash. I know many of you have had issues with this.

DIY Mugs After


So easy and yet so thoughtful. Even the kiddos can make their own. Get creative and have fun! You can make these for any occasion as well. Add a heart for Valentine’s Day or an egg for Easter. Whatever suits your fancy.

In the meantime, Merry Christmas!

Once again: do not put these through the dishwasher unless you use a more permanent type of marker made for ceramic. The Sharpie works fine if hand washed.

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DIY Christmas Countdown

My oldest daughter is getting big enough to really start counting down the days until Christmas. And to be honest with you, I’m so excited about her excitement that I’m counting them down myself.

It’s such a simple thing to get excited about, but it makes the waiting for Christmas to come a little more exciting. ‘

I’ve seen the little blocks that count down the days. I’ve seen the little advent calendars and all the other little ideas, but none really scream exciting to me. Sure, some have little candies and treats every time you open a door, but I remember caring more about that when I was a kid than really knowing how many days there were until Christmas.

So I set out on a DIY mission to make a countdown for my girls. One that hopefully would last for years to come. We don’t have a mantle or fireplace. Which I’d say that a lot of people can relate to this, which makes hanging stockings and garland a little difficult. So I made my own way of hanging this thing and here’s how I made it.

I started with an extra piece of wood that I had in the garage. I don’t know it’s exact measurements, but it was about 3 feet long.

I spray painted the entire board white, then used painter’s tape to create stripes. I then spray painted it red which left red and white stripes like a candy cane.

Then, using the same method as my DIY Mug Holder for transfering text to wood, I added the Christmas Countdown words to the board. The white words really got lost, so I added little red polka dots to help it stand out a little.

Next came the numbers.

I am NOT a sewer (yet). Though I may someday learn, right now I’m sticking like glue to my hot glue gun. The numbers were way simpler than they look. Plus they only cost me about $3.

I purchased about 4 pieces of red and white felt at Walmart for $.23 each. I also purchased a couple of fat quarters of fabric for $.97 each. I cut out the squares and hot glued the fabric squares to the felt squares to make sure the numbers had good support.

For the actual numbers, I simply printed off the numbers in the font and size that I liked and then tape them to the felt. I then just cut them out using the paper numbers as a template. Voila! I had numbers.

I then hot glued them to the fabric and boom they were done. The clothes pins were $1 at Dollar Tree! Even the cute garland was a buck.

I debated over and over about how many hooks I would want for hanging the garland. I didn’t want it to look too tight, but I didn’t want it to be too lose either. So I ended up with 5 hooks (leftover from another project that just screw right into the board), but only used 3 total. I like the looser look.

Then as we began to take off numbers in our countdown, I realized we had nowhere to store the numbers that were coming off. I glued to ends of some leftover felt together to make this little pouch. I added some little pieces of fabric cut out into droplets to embellish it a little.

Voila! A numbers pouch to keep up with them once they come off.

Each morning, Addie is absolutely ecstatic about taking off a number. This morning she said “Momma, there are only EIGHT days until Christmas!”

It’s awesome to have something that we can use over and over again and know that I created it! Anybody can make this and I hope that this gives you ideas if you’ve considered making something like this for your home!

Does your family have a countdown that you use each year?

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Baby Shower On A Budget

I have been dying to share this stuff with you for weeks, but just haven’t had a moment to sit down and get it all together. Is it just me or is time beginning to move faster and faster? I barely have time to finish a thought before I move on to my next one. And with the holidays quickly approaching , things are sure to get even faster.

One of my dear friends is expecting a little bundle of joy next month and when it came to her baby shower, I knew that I wanted to be the one to throw it. This, ahem, was my very first shower to throw. I’ve helped out with others and attended plenty, but I’ve never had one here at my home. So naturally, I wanted it to be perfect.

Well….as perfect as one can be with an 18 month-old and 5 year-old running around while preparing. I can’t complain. They were both angels the entire time that I put this together. And thankfully, another friend of mine helped out with food and planning so it wasn’t ALL me. Sheesh, I think I’d go nuts if it was!

So I thought I’d share with you a few of the frugal touches that I used to make this shower special for my friend. At this point, I’ve only included pictures, but I do have some pictures for a tutorial if anyone is interested. Just let me know!

The first thing that I did was to make up these adorable little food tags and cupcake flags. SUPER cheap to make. Don’t you DARE go and buy them! Especially if you’re a scrapper, chances are that you have some extra scrapbook paper. And that, my friends, is a party planner’s best friend.

I did buy a new set of scrapbook paper with assorted colors for $5. It covered the entire party. I was able to make markers for all of the dishes and snacks along with the super cute cupcake flags.

I simply printed out the words with cute font on my printer, cut them out, and attached them with tape to the scrapbook paper. The food markers were folded in half so they stood up.

All in all this only cost me the $5 for the paper.

I even made a cute little tag for the party games that we played. I used an old pickle jar to hold the words and just tied a cute little bow around it to dress it up.

This didn’t cost me anything!

I picked up some hot pink tissue paper at Walmart for $.97 and made up a few of these tissue flowers to make a few decorations. It looked really cute attached to the punch.

Ok, don’t judge me but I had a lot of time on my hands. My husband went out of town and I ended up writing a poem.

Yeah, yeah, I’m a little overachiever.

It was SO cute though. I dropped into Dollar Tree and got a frame that I painted with pink paint that I already had. Printed the poem out and attached to scrapbook paper to make a nice addition to the shower table.

$1 added to the cost.

I found a tutorial on how to make a brown bag flower decoration on Pinterest and I HAD to try it. I always have brown bags on-hand.

In like 5 minutes flat, I had this darling flower that I simply spray painted and added a little glitter to. I tied it the ceiling and voila!

At some point in time, I have become obsessed with food in jars. I know I’m a little late on that, but I’m only human and my brain takes a little longer to process than most. 😉

I made cupcakes regularly in a muffin pan. Then I cut them in half placing the bottom layer in the bottom of a 4 oz jar. Added frosting, then added the 2nd layer. I then topped them once again with more frosting. These were homemade devil’s food and vanilla buttercream cupcakes and they were AMAZING.

Don’t the flags add a nice touch?

I did buy the jars just for this event, but they will be around for use later on so I’m considering them to pay for themselves. But since I did buy them, we’ll add $7.97 to our total.

These White Chocolate Covered Strawberry Wafers were so easy, but looked like a million bucks. I bought them at Dollar Tree. I tinted some white chocolate chips pink and drizzled it along with some sprinkles all over. Snazzy huh?

$2.29 was all that they cost me.

With all the scrapbook paper that I had, I knew I wanted to serve some things in cones. I simply rolled up the scrapbook paper cut to size and then taped them in place. The box they are standing up in? Oh, it’s the box from the 4 oz mason jars! I used a knife to poke holes in it so the cones could stand up.

I made up some popcorn that I already had and drizzled in pink tinted white chocolate to it all. It came out to be super tasty Pink Popcorn! I even added pink sprinkles too.

Total cost for this was $1.29 for the white chocolate chips. Aldi has the BEST price y’all!

I made these mini cupcake bouquets with the help from Dollar Tree. I got 2 vases and used 2 foam flower arrangement thingies (that’s a technical term) to place toothpicks in. The bottom is a couple of small pieces of tulle that I had on-hand to dress them up. I then made my cupcakes and stuck them all over onto the toothpicks.

I also added a few pieces of tissue here and there to fill it out.

Total cost for these was $4.

Of all the elements to this shower, THESE were my favorite. I saw a picture of these somewhere out in cyberspace recently and decided to give them a go. Without even glancing at the directions, I was able to whip up 25 of these in no time at all.

All you need is a package of napkins (your choice of color) and the appopriate amount of safety pins. SO easy and they make any treat that you’re serving look completely adorable. Obviously the smaller your napkins, the smaller your little diapers so buy the size according to what you are going to serve in them.

These also make awesome party favor bags!

Total cost for these? $2.

I also made a small diaper cake as you see in the upper right that was about $6 for the diapers. I made a coffee filter flower for the top. And the little name plaque with baby’s name on it was just $.97 at Walmart! I had the paint already.

Many of the little cupcake and serving stands that you see I made out of saucers and dessert cups that I hot-glued to each other. I get a lot of those materials at thrift stores and then paint to make them cute. So affordable and look so fancy.

All in all, what you see here cost me only around $30. And every bit of it was special because it was made with love and thought. That’s always the best gift!

What about you? Are you throwing a baby shower soon? Have any frugal baby shower tips to share?!

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DIY Coffee Mug Holder

One thing that you may not know about me is that I have an obsession with mugs. No, not with faces, but with the ceramic formations that hold the most incredible substance that keeps me going every day, coffee. I only started to drink coffee about a year and a 1/2 ago and yet it sucked me in so fast that I didn’t even know what was happening!

I now enjoy scouring flea markets, thrift stores, and any other places finding the most unique and eclectic mugs that I can. I’d call it a “hobby”, but that would be giving in and I’m afraid that my obsession would deepen so I’m just going to pretend that it’s just something that I do. 🙂

When I noticed that there wasn’t any place to put regular glasses in my cabinet, I decided that something need to be done.

I needed a place just for mugs. After all, they are worthy.

So I thought up this mug holder idea and got to work. I knew that I wanted it to be inexpensive and semi-simple to make since I’m no carpenter. Brace yourself, I took a lot of photos for this one…

I started with cheap board from Lowes. I had them cut it to 2 feet so that it would fit on the side of my cabinet. I didn’t want anything too thick, but I wanted it thick enough to hold screw hooks well. I believe this board is 1 inch thick which turned out just right. I painted the board with a light blue before lightly painting over it with an off-white. Then I sanded it a bit to distress it.

And in the process I got paint on the garage floor. It needed some color anyways.

I found this fantastic technique for transferring text onto wood at Elm Street Life. It doesn’t get any simpler than your printer, a pencil, and a pen.

Print off the text of your choice from your printer. No need for reversing the text or anything. Cut out most of the white surrounding the text. Then using a lead pencil, color the back of each letter like the picture above. The need for a cheetah print pencil is not necessary, but it helps to make you feel awesome.

I may have gone a bit overkill, but here’s what it will look like on the back.

Tape your words lightly to your wood so it won’t try coming up on you. Using a pen, trace around each letter firmly. The lead will transfer to the wood and you’ll be left with an outline of your words.

Like this! Then you can use a brush (if you’re brave) or a paint pen to fill in the outline. They actually make an assortment of paint pens these days which is nice.  Just remember that it doesn’t have to be perfect. You can always sand it a little and if you’re going for a vintage feel anyways, it wouldn’t look perfect either.

Use your paint pen to go around the letters and then fill them in. When buying your paint pens, be sure to look at what kind of tip you are getting. Some are made for calligraphy and others for painting. I don’t suggest the calligraphy tips for this.

Tah dah! We have a board. We have text on the board. now we just need hooks and mugs for our mug holder!

You may have seen my post on Toilet Paper Roll Art. It’s quite genius and is so simple and fun. I used a paper towel roll to create this flower and then dipped it into some of my favorite aqua paint.

I gave the board a little detail with my flowers and I even added an orange one on top to give it some more color.

I let it dry and then screwed in the hooks in an unexpected way. Or at least it was unexpected to my husband. He thought I would have made it a little more uniform, but as I started hooking them in, it seemed to make more room with them being offset this way.

UPDATE: We hung this by screwing screws directly through the backside of the cabinet into the board itself. We used 4 screws total and it holds just fine.

And there you have it! A simple yet cute way to display your coffee mug obsession (if you have one) and to give your cabinets a little more room.

It’s not just functional, but it looks really cool too. We’re going to make one for my husband’s mugs for the other side too.

Happy DIYing!

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DIY Wooden Eat Sign

You may have seen the cute little Eat signs that have been popping up all over the net. They make the perfect wall decoration for a kitchen. I’ve never once attempted to make a wall sign before, but we had some leftover wood from another project so I decided I’d give it a shot. I first came across the idea over at Crafts by Amanda. And apparently I’m late on the Eat sign bandwagon because she originally posted that back in November of 2012!

If you’re considering something like this cute sign for your kitchen, here’s how I made mine. Super easy and only cost me the price of the fork and spoon (which was literally a few cents). I picked them up at Goodwill where they were 10 for $.99.

I started with this plain jane, foot-long piece of wood. It doesn’t really matter what size, it’s whatever you have on-hand or find cheap.

Using my computer and printer, I made the word eat with a pretty standard font. You’ll have to forgive me, I forgot exactly which one this is. I fit it to my board making sure it would fit just right.

I then painted it with some white-ish paint that I had already. I let it dry and then came the fun part…

I took a hammer and sander to it. Just to give it a little distressing. I wasn’t too worried about making it perfect.

I cut out my letters and then taped them to the board on the back. Once again, I wasn’t too worried about it looking perfect. Do you like my notebook paper job? It’s a hot mess!

I spray painted the cut out letters and once again, perfection was not the object. It can look darker in some areas and lighter in others.

I used a very small brush to paint in a few more colors onto the word eat. I also sanded the letters just a bit.

I then used some general glue (I can’t remember what it’s called) to glue the silverware to the sign. I really loved the idea of Amanda’s to put silverware on there. It really gives the sign some demention I think.

And check this out, I used a soda tab to hang it! It was light enough that I didn’t really need anything too involved to hang it.





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DIY Tulle and Burlap Wreath

I’m at the Dollar Tree a LOT y’all. There is one really close to my house and that’s part of the reason why. The other reason is because they have things for $1 that would most likely cost you more going anywhere else. I could be their spokesperson. I would totally do it for free dollar merchandise too. Maybe a Dollar Tree head honcho is reading this right now and wants to put me in a commercial. I would be ok with that.

I made this wreath a couple of weeks ago using one of those wicker beginning wreaths that you can find at Dollar Tree. I see them there all the time and keep thinking that I could use them in some way and I finally figured out how. I’ve been on a window kick here lately since we’ve been redoing our living room. Hanging random windows from the ceiling is so much fun and a change from plain old pictures hanging on the wall.

Tulle is a very affordable way to make arrangements, wreaths, and other crafts for home decor. It’s usually around $1 per yard at Walmart.  And my new favorite fabric is burlap. It’s so rustic and imperfect. Even with it’s strings hanging down, it’s still nice to look at.

What you’ll need:

1 Wicker beginning wreath
3 Yards Tulle in the color of your choice
1/2 yard Burlap in color of your choice

It’s SO simple. Cut your tulle into strips that are the same size. About 2-3 inches wide. You just tie bows and then make a second knot.

Tie them evenly dispersed around the wreath. Then you can come back with a second color to go in between to add more depth.

Keep going adding in colors where you think they might fit best. It will really start to fill out and then you can add in your burlap ties to make it a little more rustic. I didn’t go too crazy with the burlap strips because a little goes a long way.

But when I was finished I thought it needed a little more burlap so I made up a few burlap roses by simply rolling it up unevenly. They aren’t perfect but they do resemble roses so they will work.

The wreath looks wonderful on my window that I painted and distressed a little. I also added a little burlap behind a few of the panes to tie it all together.

I hope you enjoyed this DIY project. It’s SO easy and it looks just fabulous wherever you put it.


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Beach Party On the Cheap

I was making my way through a gigantic sea of knick knacks at Goodwill one day when I came across a set of umbrellas that were made from bamboo. These umbrellas were so unique and somehow I was inspired. I said to myself, I’m going to have a beach party. One might say that I’m silly because we don’t actually have a “beach” per say within 200 miles of us, but that wouldn’t stop me. Here in Tennessee we have plenty of “beaches” at the lakes and rivers. Heck and even at some ponds!

And at my house, all it takes is a kiddie pool made of plastic to create a beach atmosphere.

That and a little imagination and scrapbook paper!

Those $.99 cent umbrellas that I got at Goodwill were just the beginning. I didn’t even need a reason to have a party. I would eventually figure it out. Then a friend of mine (who was very preggo at the time) suggested that I have a Memorial Day cookout so that she could come but not have to have a cookout herself. What do ya know? It will be a Beach Memorial Day Party!

And then I realized that 2 days before that is my baby girl’s 1st birthday. So I combine them and call it a day. This won’t be a yearly thing as eventually Britton will not want her birthday combined, but for now it’s alright.

I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun planning for a party in my life. Having pretty much full reign to do what I pleased made my OCD happy. (*I don’t really have OCD, trust me. If you saw my house on any given day, you’d agree) Feel free to try these ideas at your party if you’re planning a beach party. If you have a beach to have it at, even better! If not, you can still be just as cool with your plastic kiddie pool. My guests enjoyed it.

This is the beginning of my table when I first started setting out the goodies. SEE my umbrellas? Aren’t they cute? I also picked up some super cheap trays at Goodwill every now and then when I came across them. Most of my trays cost me about $.49 each. Got them on half price day at Goodwill. See my blue fishie? Love him. If you have never been to your Goodwill….GO! Now! Most have days that are 1/2 price and Wednesdays and Sundays are $.99 day. Certain colors apply and I’m sure the sales are different everywhere but you really can find some awesome deals.

The pink mat is just a placemat that I got at Dollar Tree. Came in a pack of 2.

These are my little party signs! These may seem a little too detailed for some, but I think they were necessary. I made 4 different dips and I was pretty positive that I was going to hear “What kinda dip is this?” “What is this?” every time that someone walked up to the food table. I made these out of scrapbook paper and simple printed words on my printer! Cut them up and taped them together. The food signs are just folded in half to sit right next to each appetizer. Plus they add a splash of color and make the table fun.

A very simple idea for sprucing up your table without spending a dime is displaying fruit. These Florida oranges really brought that citrus-y beach feel to the table. Plus, if a guest wanted to crack one open they could.

For party favors, I didn’t want to go too childish since there were some mainly there for the cookout so I grabbed a bag of the Rainbow Twizzlers and packaged them in Wilton pretzel wrappers (a couple bucks at most stores) and tied them with a ribbon that I already have on hand. I got the cute little bucket at Goodwill for a quarter and finished it off with one of my cute little scrapbook paper signs.

I had this very pink basket just hanging around one of my girl’s rooms so I enlisted it for lei duty. Placed a cute scrapbook paper sign on it and set it by the door so when guests came in they could get a lei and start feeling festive.

And you KNOW that I was on Pinterest while cooking up ideas for this shindig. I found this fantastic cocktail umbrella wreath idea over at Fit right in with my theme.

This wreath cost me about $2. NO JOKE. I got the pack of cocktail umbrells and the wreath shell at Dollar Tree. I bought 3 packages of the umbrellas but only really used about 1 package since my wreath shell wasn’t that large. You simply open each cocktail umbrella and place it in between the branches of the wreath shell. Most are so tight that you don’t need to glue them or anything. It made a great front door piece to go with my Welcome to the Beach Party sign!

I know this may sound silly, but it’s all in the details. These paper plates would have looked boring if it wasn’t for my little piece of scrapbook paper spicing them up! Don’t you agree? Just nod your head for me. It love how something so simple can make the table look so much fun.

Here’s another little idea that I just kinda made up as I went. The fabulous Goodwill umbrellas were fairly top-heavy and needed good support. I was trying to stick with the neutral sand color theme for their base and then BOOM. It hit me. I saw a box of Rice Krispies sitting out and began pouring them into a vase. Put the umbrella base in and a support was created. I even topped each vase off with graham cracker crumbs to complete the sand look to the umbrellas. Believe it or not the rice krispies did a decent job of holding those umbrellas up! I did add some clear glass beads into the bottom of a couple to give it a little more weight. Those also added a little bit of color to the bottom.

These little darlings were the result of a late night brainstorming session. Finishing up my cupcakes I was staring blankly at a bag of marshmallows. Not sure if it was the sugar high from the cupcakes, the sleepy low from the Tylenol PM or the excitement for the party the next day but something got my mind thinking about those marshmallows.

I began microwaving some white chocolate and busted out the sprinkles. I started dipping and putting them on sticks and made these random, but cute, white chocolate covered marshmallows. As you can see, I even dipped some in rice krispies. Not one of these were left when the party was over. And to think that they were almost not even created. I knew sugar highs were good for something!

I made up some extremely easy slow cooker salsa (recipe to come!) and it was a great hit. I had to refill it twice. Got everything for it at Aldi for under $4 and the chips at Dollar Tree. I was pretty concerned about the quality of the tortilla chips at Dollar Tree, but not a single person noticed. They tasted just fine!

As you can see, I had a scrapbook paper sign by each appetizer. This Pizza Dip was my absolute favorite. I served it with the little melba toasts from Walmart ($.97) and that was a HUGE hit. I had planned to just serve it with tortilla chips, but at the last minute pulled these toasts out. Wish I had gotten more. They were so “fancy” and tasty at the same time! This Pizza Dip was really good. I’ll be sure to post that recipe soon too!

I kinda made up an idea for punch that I honestly didn’t think was that great. That was until the guests tried it and they loved it. I poured about 2 2 liters of Diet Sprite into my pitcher and added in half a tub of raspberry sherbet. Then I added some frozen ice cubes of raspberries to give it more red coloring. This picture was taken before it got really dark. It was a simple punch, but many liked it because it was not over the top sweet.

I picked up a package of off brand Nutter Butters at Dollar Tree as well. Found the idea on Pinterest! Added my own little flair with some royal icing and even though they aren’t perfect, they got the flip flop beach-y theme across. Not one of these were left at the end of the party. The kids especially liked them! Since the icing didn’t cost me anything (had all simple ingredients on hand), these only cost me $1! You’d pay way more than that for store-bought cookies like this.

For another easy finger food, I used little bathroom plastic cups to layer 5-Layer Mexican Dip in and topped them with corn chips. I already had the refried beans, tomatoes, cream cheese, and the cups. All I had to buy was the lettuce ($.69), corn chips ($1), and the shredded cheese ($2.99). My tray was from Goodwill ($.49) and of course I couldn’t go without a piece of scrapbook paper to make it beach-y!

The appetizer in small plastic cups is a great idea no matter what appetizer you’re serving. They are a great way for guests to have everything they need in one place without a plate.

I used the same cup idea with these mini Strawberry Shortcakes. Aldi had their strawberries for $.79 and I grabbed a pound cake there as well for only $.79.  With some whipped cream I already had on hand, these Strawberry Shortcakes were an easy dessert. Each one had a couple of pieces of pound cake along with a few slices of strawberry and a dollop of whipped cream on top.

Easy peasy!

One of the highlights of the party were these At the Seashore Cupcakes. These were Peanut Butter Banana Cupcakes that ended up being a huge hit. I simply crushed a bunch of honey graham crackers and dipped the tops of the cupcakes in them to create the sand look. I topped some with sand dollars and oyster pearls made form candy melts and corn syrup, but quit making them because they didn’t turn out too well and honestly, I got tired. I stuck a few cocktail umbrellas in a few.

And any birthday party wouldn’t be complete without a special seat for the birthday girl! This one is adorned with a Birthday Beach Babe sign and ribbon. As you can see, she really enjoyed her birthday cake and her beach party! We had a pool setup in the backyard where the kiddos had fun in the sun. Daddy grilled up some hot dogs and everyone snacked on

And just as a general tip for planning any party be sure to plan ahead. The one thing that I made sure to do when preparing for this party was to do whatever I could possibly do, ahead of time. Almost everything was made the day before except for things like the strawberry shortcakes that needed to wait until just before. This was a major time and sanity saver when it came time to party. I wasn’t stuck in the kitchen the whole time and was able to enjoy Britton’s 1st birthday party and all our friends having fun.

I hope that this gave you a few ideas for your next beach party!

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Toilet Paper Roll Art

If any of you follow me on Pinterest you might notice that I like to pin crafty things. Some things are just pipe dreams that I pretty much know that I’ll never be able to create, but others are those duh kinda crafts. The ones that you wonder why you didn’t think of sooner. My life is full of those moments. The day that I came across this genius idea at The Mayberry Home Journal, I had one of those moments. I like to think that I can see potential in things, but never once have I seen my toilet paper rolls as art like Corrabelle.

Until now…

Yes, I have a TON of toilet paper rolls at my house. We simply go through toilet paper like it’s going out of style at my house so it didn’t take me long to make a collection.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are going to make art…out of toilet paper rolls. Yes indeedy, your next masterpiece for the dining room could be as close as your bathroom and you didn’t even know it.

As you can see, I’m not completely prepared for a toilet paper roll painting party. I used what I had to paint them including some pretty blue paint leftover from another craft and some water bottles for them to sit and dry. Oh and I used my A1 bottle to paint them on. Little did Mr. A1 know that he was getting a makeover today!

Then I cut them into smaller pieces. You can get about 4 pieces per roll. More if you’re using paper towel rolls.

Then it’s really just a matter of hot gluing them to each other in a pattern. This is really lame, but I didn’t get any pictures of the process of gluing them. I’ll leave that to your imagination. There was really no rhyme or reason that I started with. Just 4 glued together for the middle and then I branched out from there. I filled in the holes as a went and did my best to make it even.

And the finished product looks like something straight off the wall decor section at Kohl’s! The best part? This didn’t cost me a thing!

Now go see how many toilet paper rolls you have. 😉

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Tutorial: No-Sew Fabric Flowers

I’ve never really considered myself a very crafty person. I’ve always wanted to be one of those people just whipping the coolest things up with only a needle and thread. My mother-in-law and her mother crochet really well and they are always making the most incredible and detailed things. From doilies to sweaters and shrugs, they have got the craft thing down. Me on the other hand, you’d never want to wear the sweater that I have crocheted.

Have you seen people walking around with super cute little flowers all over the place? Seems like everyone has one on their headbands or pinned to their shirts. With spring here, I wanted to bloom too! Little did I know that these cute little flowers are actually quite simple to make. I think I could use a sewing machine if my life depended on it, but it doesn’t so I just won’t. 😉 Anywho, these flowers ladies and gentlemen are darling and fun to make. The day I found out about them (Ruffles and Stuff), I made 3. The next day I made 2 more. Soon, I’ll have one for every outfit!

Let’s start with how to make them:


What You Need:

  • 7-8 Equal Size Fabric Circles- Walmart carries 1/4th yard pieces of the cutest fabric in squares for only $.97! You can make lots of these flowers with them. My circles are 3 inches.
  • 1 Smaller Felt Circle (about half the size of the others)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hair Clip or Barrett (Optional depending on the use)
  • Scissors

1) Start out by folding a circle in half, then in half again. They will look like this. I usually put a drop of glue in the very corner just to keep it together, but it’s not completely necessary.

2) Glue that circle to the middle of the felt circle taking up 1/4th of it.

3) Continue this with the next 3 until you have 4 circles glued to that felt.

It will look like this…….TAH DAH!

4) Once that layer is done, offset the next layer and glue it on top of the last.

5) Glue on your button or fancy bead and fluff to your perfection. Then glue on your hair clip if necessary.

It will end up looking somewhat like this. Yours may be prettier!

Note- I didn’t take a picture of this, but if you are gluing on a hair clip be sure to glue felt to felt. Meaning cut a little piece of felt, attach it to the clip, then attach it to the back of the flower. This will ensure that it stays glued well to the flower.

And when you’re done, you have to go get your 4 year-old to model it for you like Addie did. 🙂

Super adorable and the color and fabric possibilities are endless. Plus, I really love that these are really inexpensive to make. Just from my experience, here’s an idea of what things will cost to make these.

  • Fabric: $.97 (makes several)
  • Felt: $.20 (makes several)
  • Mini Glue Gun (if you don’t have one): $3.00
  • Hair Clips: $2.00 (makes several)

All in all, you’re looking at less than $10 to make several homemade flowers. Plus, you get to pick out exactly what you want, not settling for something that you don’t at a store somewhere.

Now, go! Make some incredible no sew fabric flowers that are better looking than mine. 🙂


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